Frequently Asked Questions  

  1. What do I do if I have not received an email to activate my account?

    At times in may take up to 30 minutes to receive your activation email.  Please email for technical support if this problem persists for over 30 minutes.

  2. How can I reach someone at

    Call us at 1-866-775-0450 , or email us at

  3. How do I search for jobs or candidates?

    First step would be to join our network and registered, if you are a current member login in to your account.  Once you are logged in, you can either conduct a quick search entering keywords as well as the zip code you desire to search in or you can go directly to the advance search option and taillor your search accordingly.

  4. How do I contact an employer or candidate?

    Once you have created your member account and user profile you can begin to search our network of qualified job postings and resumes.  When you have found a position or candidate you are interested in viewing scroll your mouse over the desired position or candidate and click on it.  This will bring up the appropriate information for you to read and decide whether or not you would like to proceed.  As a candidate, when you open up the job description and want to contact the employer simply press "apply" button and it will automatically send an email to the employer with an attached resume.  For employers, once you find a candidate of interest click on their name and either download there resume and email them through the site or contact them directly with the contact information shown.  If the candidate is set to private you must first communicate to them through our online email system until they release there full contact information to you.

  5. Can I search all of the opportunities available with a specific company?

    Yes, you must go to the "advanced search" option enter the desired company name and click "start search now" button, and every position posted by that particular employer will pull up.  If the company you wish to search is a "featured employer" then all you will need to do is click on the company logo at the bottom of the home page and all the postings for that employer will appear.

  6. How do I change my account password?

    Log in to the network, when you arrive on "my profile" click "edit profile" button at the top of your profile page.  Then scroll down to the password section delete the current password, in both fields, and reenter your new desired password in both fields.  Then click on the "update my account" button at the bottom of the screen and this will change your password.

  7. How do I log in if I forget my password?

    First, go to the login page and directly underneath the login fields there will be a button, "forgot my password" "click here".  Click on the "click here" button enter your user name(email address) click the " retrieve password" button and you password will be emailed directly to you.  Then you return to the login in page and login as usual.

  8. How do I change the profile information on my account?

    Log on to your account and click on "edit profile" button, update your information then click “update profile” and your changes will be made accordingly. 

  9. Can I change my profile email address?

    Yes, log on to your account and look under your "my profile page," you will encounter the "edit profile" button at the top of your profile, click on it.  Once you are under the edit profile section enter the new email address in both fields, click on "update profile" button and your account is then updated with the new email address(user name).

  10. Can I have multiple accounts using the same email address?

    Job seekers can only have one account per email address. For employers to have multiple accounts, you will need to obtain additional email addresses per user, however job credits can only be applied to the email address(user) they were purchased from. 

  11. Why can’t I log in?

    Try these troubleshooting steps:
    • Verify that you are using the correct username and password

  12. What does do to make sure that the job postings are accurate and reliable? has a team of researchers that help validate the information posted on our site, making sure that the everything is accurate and reliable. feels that it is important to provide a safe place for job seekers and employers to search through the wide range of employment opportunities and candidates we provide. has implemented a  Terms of Use page which prohibits posting any incomplete, false or inaccurate information, or information which does not belong to that person or entity. 

  13. What if I can't validate my account?

    If you have not received an email validating your account, please email